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6 Factors That Make a Successful Business Model

May 04, 20233 min read


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Having a proper business model is essential for any venture to be successful. Without it, you

may have a goal but lack the means and direction to reach it. EOS offers a complete package of the elements necessary to pave the way to success.

This article discusses the six essential factors that make a successful business model. Let's get started.


This component of EOS refers to the idea that a business should not rely on vague and unmeasurable metrics to measure its progress. Instead, the EOS system suggests that a business pick five specific, measurable metrics that can be reviewed weekly and tracked over time.

The responsible person or people for tracking these metrics should be identified, and their progress should be noted on a scorecard. This scorecard can be used to identify areas of improvement and to make fast and effective changes to the business.


Organizations are made up of the people within them, so it is important to ensure that each person is in line with the company's core values. To ensure this, the organization should define its core values and use them to guide personnel decisions. Additionally, they should create an Accountability Chart that outlines the responsibilities of each and ensures that everyone is aware of their role within the organization.


A unified vision is essential for success, and this component helps create it. The leadership team can create a destination everyone can get behind by answering eight key questions. This destination can then be communicated to the organization, so everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.


This component focuses on creating consistency within the business. Establish a set of six to ten processes that the company is involved in, such as HR, marketing, customer service, etc., and develop comprehensive documentation outlining each process's fundamental steps. By standardizing the processes, all employees can be taught the same approach, allowing the company to become more scalable.


Gaining traction within an organization is like climbing an icy hill: you must make sure each step is measured, forward motion. EOS helps by breaking down the journey into 90-day segments and training your leadership team to set realistic priorities and evaluate progress within that time frame. You will be closer to the top of the hill with each successful step.


Organizations have different problems that come up that need to be solved. It is up to the leadership team to identify the most important issues and decide how to tackle them. Once the team has identified the most pressing issues and why they are happening, they can create a plan to resolve them most efficiently and systematically.


Creating a successful business model requires a comprehensive understanding of many factors. The six factors discussed in this article are among the most important ingredients for success. A well-thought-out business model should consider the market, customers, operations, resources, objectives, and goals.

By breaking down the process into smaller, more manageable tasks, you can identify and address each part of the model and create a complete, successful system. Businesses can create a successful business model and achieve long-term success.

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